The Fitness Test

The first step is to register your school online.

We’ll then send you a registration pack that will also include guidelines on completing the Challenge successfully. You will be able to download the bleep test from our website. 

After you’ve reviewed this information, you should explain the Challenge to all students. Then confirm a date and time for the first fitness test to assess their current fitness levels.

Phase I

Using the downloaded bleep test audio file, and the instructions, assess the aerobic fitness of your classes who are taking part. The test results should then be uploaded to on this site. For a step by step guide on running the Challenge please click here to download our test instructions.

Phase II

Submitted the initial fitness test results? Then it’s time to start Week 1 of the six week training programme with your class.

Teachers should select a training programme that challenges their students but is also appropriate for their fitness levels. What’s right is completely at the discretion of the teacher and students. Teachers can monitor students as they complete their weekly training to ensure it’s done correctly.

Phase III

Once the six week programme has been completed, it’s time to test your class’s fitness again. Record new fitness levels with a final bleep test.

Professor Moyna and Dr Kelly will assess the scores, combine them and record an average for each school.

The Overall Winner and Most Improved schools may be phoned before results are published. All winning and runner up schools will be announced on this website.

The Schools’ Fitness Challenge is run completely online. So use this website to get all the details you need to successfully run your challenge.