Affidea Expresscare Clinics | Irish Life Health

Access to Affidea Expresscare Clinics with Irish Life Health

Irish Life Health will be the first health insurer to cover all Affidea Expresscare diagnostic centres, offering reduced rates for consultations.

From later this year our customers will have access to treatment in the new Affidea Expresscare Clinics at a reduced rate of €100, which is a €50 discount on the standard consultation fee.

The new, purpose-built Affidea Expresscare Clinic opened in The Elysian, Cork on the 28th December and will be opening in Tallaght, Dublin in mid-March 2018. These specially designed private healthcare centres will provide efficient, effective and convenient treatment and advice on minor injuries and illnesses. The services will be consultant led and supported by a team of senior medical professionals.

The walk-in clinics will be open 365 days a year from 10am to 10pm, with no appointment required for urgent care. The clinics will be available to treat a full range of minor injuries.  Each clinic will have access to the latest and more modern diagnostic services on-site including MRI, Ultrasound, CT and Plain X-ray. Irish Life Health will also accept referrals from both GPs and consultants for MRI scans in all Affidea Expresscare Clinics.

Affidea operates in 14 European countries and is Ireland’s leading independent provider of diagnostic imaging services including MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray, CT and DXA scans.

Commenting on the new partnership with Affidea, Jim Dowdall, Managing Director, Irish Life Health said: “Irish Life Health is delighted that our customers have greater choice in the market and access to custom-built, best–in-class diagnostic and treatment centres. When it comes to treating minor injuries and illnesses, it is important for our members and their families to have an alternative to visiting busy hospital accident and emergency units. They will soon have access to Affidea Expresscare Clinics for a range of treatments”.

Speaking of the partnership, CEO of Affidea, Tom Finn, said “We are delighted to partner with Irish Life Health and have ambitious growth plans in Ireland whereby we will invest about €25 million over the next two to three years. That will include opening clinics in Galway and Limerick.”