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Asthma care programme

Irish Life Health has an exclusive discount with Asthma Care Ireland, giving our health members both adults and children the choice to overcome their asthma naturally, safely and minus the side effects.

Normal Price Irish Life Health Discount Irish Life Health member price
€195 €45 €150

The Asthma Care programme includes detailed instruction on;

  • Buteyko Breathing Clinic Method 
  • Special programme
  • How to unblock your nose naturally and switch to nasal breathing
  • Correct diet
  • Correct sleeping
  • How to breathe correctly during physical activity/sports
  • How to stop an asthma attack
  • How to stop a coughing attack
  • All contributory factors to asthma are addressed during the clinics

The asthma treatment includes an 8 hour course, spread over three weekly sessions. Teaching mainly concerns a unique breathing technique known as the Buteyko Method. Participants are encouraged to learn to breathe through their nose and control the amount of air inhaled, thereby reversing their symptoms. Other instructions include how to stop an asthma attack, the correct diet to follow, sleeping and physical exercise.

Up to a 50% reduction in asthma symptoms such as wheezing and coughing may be seen within two weeks. Research into the Buteyko Method in Australia and New Zealand has shown that the need for preventer medication may be reduced by up to 50% and the need for reliever medication may be reduced by up to 90% within three to six months.

  • To avail of this discount, the Irish Life Health member must inform Asthma Care of their membership when booking and paying either over the phone in advance of the session or when paying in person on the day of the session.
  • This is now a point of sale discount - the point of sale is the point when the member pays for the session either over the phone or paying in person at the session. 

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Asthma Care holds clinics for adults and children in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Athlone, Kerry, Kilkenny, Sligo and Monaghan.

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